Who Buys Used Stairlifts? 6 Great Tips Before You Sell Your Stairlift

If you have a used stairlift you no longer need you maybe wondering how to sell it.

You have a number of options to choose from but usually – the older the used stairlift the less value it has.

A stairlift’s resale value depends on its age and how well it has been maintained – much like a car.

You may either sell an old stairlift privately, to a company or scrap it. Again much like a secondhand car.

Keep reading below to find out all you need to know about sell a used stairlift.

Used Stairlift Dublin Ireland

Moving a used straight stairlift:

  • If your stairlift is fairly new and is a straight stairlift fitting it to a similar straight stairs is the most feasible and economical option.

  • In this instance a new rail can be easily cut to suit the new staircase. Able Plus offer this service for a reasonable fee.

  • Where the stairlift is an older model relocation may not be possible as stairlifts suffer wear and tear when not serviced (and maintained) properly.

  • We are happy to advise if a stairlift is suitable for relocation with no obligation (or fee).

  • If the stairlift is ten years old or older there is far less chance that it may be serviceable enough to move. In this case it is important to use qualified tradesmen or stairlift specialists to remove the lift.

Moving a used curved stairlift:

  • Moving a curved stairlift to a new stairs is much more expensive than moving a straight stairlift.

  • A new custom rail must be built to suit the new stairs in order to move a curved stairlift.

  • A curved stairlift that is moved to a new location and uses an old curved rail built for another location will not be insured.

If you want to sell your old stairlift privately Able Plus can help you to move it. Please contact us on 01-8245763, 0878079993 (Kevin Delaney) or email info@ableplus.ie before you make arrangements if you would like Able Plus to move a stairlift for you.

Able Plus stairlifts also buyback some used stairlifts, dependent on model and age.

We recommend that you speak to a stairlift company about moving a used stairlift and do not undertake this yourself, stairlifts are subject to strict safety legislation and can be dangerous if tampered with.

An amateur attempting to refit a used stairlift may cause an accident with serious consequences and reputable stairlift manufacturers only work with stairlift specialists that they have trained to the highest standards on their machines.

You may be entitled to a grant if you need to buy a stairlift.

Able Plus staff have undergone training with most of the manufacturers supplying stairlifts to the Irish market. We are happy to give you free advice about what to do with your used stairlift.

  1. Marie Kennedy

    I want to get road of Stannah 260 curved stairlift. Could you advise me?

    Thank you

    • Able Plus Stairlifts

      Hi Marie.

      We remove and recycle Stannah curved stairlifts for €150 plus vat. It may be worth your time to advertise it on Adverts or DoneDeal.

      Hope this helps.


  2. Paul

    Thanks for this I was not aware there were places to remove old stairlifts. I have a straight stairlift in my home that is no-longer required so I will be in touch. Thanks

    • Able Plus Stairlifts


      Thanks for taking the time to comment. If you want to give us a call or send a WhatsApp we can answer any questions you may have.

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