Stairlift rental

Rental stairlifts available all over Ireland.

Able Plus Stairlifts have been installing rental stairlifts since 2006. We always go the extra mile for our customers, and all of our rental stairlifts come with free aftercare.

If you are thinking about buying a stairlift you should consider if renting is a better option for you. Our stairlift prices are heard to beat but if you think the cost is too high we also offer rent-to-buy options. 

Our used stairlift prices are the best in Ireland, a used lift might be the best choice if cost is a concern.

The benefits of stairlift rental include:

+ Stairlift rental offers lower installation costs than buying a new stairlift.
+ No service and maintenance costs
+ Spread the costs monthly.
+ Straight Stairlift rentals can usually be installed the same or the next day.
+ Suitable for short term and medium-term usage.

If you think hiring a stairlift may suit your needs better than buying, please let us know by contacting us by phone or email. We are always happy to talk and give free, no-obligation, advice.

Rental stairlifts are a cost-effective and easy way to get a lift quickly and affordably. A rental chair lift can be ideal if you have a visiting relative, have short term mobility issues or want to try a stairlift before committing to buying one.

We offer same and next day installation for rental stairlifts. Due to high demand, we advise that you call us early in the day to see if we have availability. If you need a stairlift in a hurry we have rental stairlifts to suit most stair types.

Quite often people love their rental stairlift so much that they decide to buy it in the end. Once you get used to how much easier life can be with a chair lift it can be a bit of an eyeopener.

Chair lift rental is the perfect way to see if you a stairlift suits you before you commit to buying one.

We do not offer curved stairlift rental as every curved rail is custom made. As such the cost of a rental curved stairlift would be prohibitive and it makes more sense to buy one.

Buying a new or reconditioned curved stairlift is usually the only option if your stairs has one or more turns in it.

If you are thinking of renting you should check to see if you are entitled to a grant. There are a number of grants available for stairlifts, call or email your local council and to find out if you are eligible. These grants can allow for other adaptions to the home.

If you are waiting on a curved stairlift rail we may be able to temporarily install two straight stairlifts while you wait for your curved lift, our staff can advise if this is possible.

Rental stairlifts are available for next day fitting when scheduling allows. If you need a stairlift at short notice due to an emergency be sure to let us know when you contact us.

We are happy to advise you on the phone (or by email) if a new, reconditioned or rental stairlift is the best option for your circumstances.

Why not view our stairlifts to see which stairlift rental may suit you, we offer straight, curved, heavy duty and outdoor stairlifts.

Outdoor stairlift rental can be a godsend if you need to use a set of steps to access your home.

Buying a new or reconditioned stairlift may be more affordable than you imagined, most of our stairlifts are available new and reconditioned.

We have hinged rail stairlifts and powered seat/footrest stairlifts available for rent too, these can be necessary when specified by an occupational therapist or other medical professional.

We are proud of our reputation for offering only the best advice to our customers. We have been in business for over fifteen years and have thousands of happy customers.

stairlift rental dublin ireland

We always put our customers comfort and wellbeing first. A well maintained stairlift rarely breaks down. Stairlift rental includes any service and maintenance costs in the price.

When you rent or buy a stairlift the installation engineer will give the user and any carers a full rundown on how to use the lift safely and comfortably. This covers all safety features, how to use the stairlift and remote controls, how to park the stairlift safety, cleaning your lift safely and some other points.

Sometimes our clients will call with some questions once they get a bit more used the their new lift. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about your stair lift. We want all of our customers to get the maximum benefit from their new lift from day one.

You can contact us 24/7/365 in an emergency by calling 01-8245763, using the chat function on the website or sending a WhatsApp to 085-2056002. We are always available to answer your questions, this gives you the peace of mind that you deserve when buying or renting a stairlift.

If you are worried about stairlift running costs after you buy, you will be happy to know that they are very low and daily electricity usage is generally less than your kettle.

If you want more info on stairlift rental or buying a stairlift contact one of our friendly team today on 01-8245763 or email

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