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How Much Will A Stairlift Cost?

Stairlift cost varies greatly depending on a few specifics.

The main types of stairlift are straight and curved.

New straight stairlift: between €1600-€2300.

New curved stairlifts: €4200-€6500+.

€1000-€1200 euro for a secondhand straight lift.

€3000+ for a secondhand curved lift.*

*Stairlift Costs may vary depending on specs on all types of stairlift.

Stairlift cost

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When buying a stairlift it is crucial to consider the level of aftercare provided. Stairlift are electro-mechanical in nature and need to be serviced annually. Be sure to ask the cost of an annual service and what happens in case of breakdown before purchasing a new or secondhand stairlift.

Visit our stairlifts page to find out more about our product range. We have a full range of stairlifts in stock to suit all budgets.

We can help you to keep your stairlift costs down over the long term. Call 01-8245763 or Whatsapp photos of your stairs to 087-8079993 for an instant quote.

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