Next day stairlift fitting

We keep a full range of straight stairlifts in stock for express stairlift fitting.

Straight stairlifts are suitable for same-day fitting.

Curved stairlifts usually take 3 weeks from the date of order.

We offer unbeatable secondhand stairlift prices. Some of the best in Ireland.

We also offer temporary stairlift hire for those who need a stairlift for a short amount of time.

Many of our clients are in a hurry to get a stairlift when they call us. If you need a stairlift urgently we can help.

We offer a priority installation service on new, secondhand and hire stairlifts.

We keep a full range of stairlifts in stock, if you need a curved lift and cannot wait we might be able to install a temporary straight stairlift while your curved stairlift rail is manufactured (2-3 weeks).

Our team are happy to go over your options on the phone and you can call us anytime on 01-8245763. Our stairlifts page has detailed info on types and options available.

We hire stairlifts with next day fitting too, a hire stairlift is a budget-friendly option.

Hire stairlifts are perfect if you have an elderly relative coming to visit, or for a temporary mobility issue.

With rental stairlifts all service charges are covered by the rental cost so there are no hidden costs.

Express service is not always possible but if you are in a hurry please let us know when you contact us.

It is important to note that straight stairlifts can be installed the next day as we keep the rails in stock, and these will be cut to length by our installation engineers.

Curved stairlifts have custom-built rails and these rails take two/three weeks to engineer. The fastest fitting time for a curved lift is usually two-three weeks. It may be possible to install one or more straight stairlifts temporarily while you wait for your curved stairlift rail to be built.

Stairlift hire may be the best option if a stairlift is needed due to an unexpected medical crisis such as a broken leg or hip, installation of a straight stairlift only takes a couple of hours so you could be using your stairlift a few hours after you contact us. A reconditioned stairlift is another option for next day fitting.

Reconditioned stairlifts are very popular with our clients and we do not always have them in stock. All of our reconditioned lifts come with six months warranty.

next day stairlift fitting dublin

All of our engineers have undergone training and certification by the manufacturers of the stairlifts that we fit. This training is updated regularly.

Most stairlift manufacturers will not provide a warranty on parts of a machine that has been installed or moved by someone that they have not trained themselves.

This and the stringent regulations that are applied by the UK and EU to the stairlift market make it very important to only buy a stairlift from a reputable stairlift company whose engineers have been trained and certified as competent to work on the model of stairlift that you are purchasing. Contact us with any further questions about stairlift certification.

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Same or next day stairlift fitting is not always available due to high demand.

If you need a stairlift, waiting times vary depending on the type of stairlift that you need. The easiest option is to get in touch with us. A couple of straightforward questions about your stairs and landing are enough to allow us to give you a firm quote and lead-time for your new stairlift.

All quotes given over the phone are followed up with a formal posted or emailed quote so that everything is clear.

Written quotes from three suppliers are needed, along with a valid C2 certificate, when you are applying for a grant. Check out our stairlift grants page to find out more. The Citizens Advice website has further information.

Some stairlifts require extra feature such as a hinged rail or other added extras to accommodate the stairs and hallway. An occupational therapist or another medical provider may specify an automated footrest or seat, please let us know if you have been advised by an OT of any special requirements so we can outline added costs and a timeframe for installation.

Same Day Stairlift

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