Top 10 Stairlift Safety Tips

Top Ten Stairlift Safety Tips

Stairlifts are a safe and well-developed technology that has been around for over a hundred years. However, it’s important to keep these safety tips in mind to ensure the safe use of your stairlift:

Stairlift Safety

  1. Always read the manual carefully and familiarize yourself with the operation and safety features of your stairlift.
  2. Always wear the seatbelt and ensure it is securely fastened during operation.
  3. Do not use the stairlift to transport items such as food, animals, laundry, or any other objects not intended for the lift.
  4. Supervise children when using the stairlift and do not allow them to play with or operate it unsupervised.
  5. Stairlifts are designed to carry one person at a time. Never attempt to carry more than one person on the lift.
  6. Ensure that other household members or visitors are aware of the presence of the stairlift and any potential trip hazards associated with it.
  7. Ensure that pets are kept away from the stairlift and out of harm’s way during operation.
  8. Before using the stairlift, make sure the stairway is clear of any obstructions or articles.
  9. When mounting or dismounting the stairlift at the top of the stairs, ensure that the seat is rotated and locked at a 45° or 90° angle.
  10. Avoid making contact with moving parts of the stairlift to prevent injury.
  11. Keep your stairlift in optimal condition by scheduling annual servicing and maintenance.

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