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Top Five Stairlift Manufacturers.

Buying a new stairlift may seem like a daunting task. You might be worried about it making a mess in your home or that it will cause extra fuss. The good news is stairlifts are easy and quick to fit.

Take it from us you that you have no need to worry! A stairlift can make life a lot easier. It’s very rarely that we have a customer who buys a stairlift from us that does not tell us how much better things are with the stairlift. Life can be much easier with a good quality stairlift.

Different lift manufacturers offer different styling options and varieties of stairlift to suit a specific user need. Make sure to ask about colour and automated extras and any costs related to these options. Your OT may recommend that you have a powered footrest, powered swivel seat or some other specificities. You will need to double check that the lift you are ordering matches these specifications.

With that in mind it is always best to be informed about what you are buying.

  • There are a few key companies making stairlifts that are available to buy in Ireland.

  • The best price stairlift may not be the best deal you can get. A stairlift will last upwards of ten years if well maintained. Its important to buy from a company that will provide a high level of aftercare service for the duration of the stairlifts lifetime.

  • Some stairlift companies overprice their lifts but really any stairlift sold in the E.U is a very high quality and safe machine. A cost of 20% or more than other new stairlifts is mostly just extra profit, or maybe some extra options for the end user. The stairlift will not be any safer or more reliable than any other than you can buy for a bit less.

  • All stairlifts that you can buy in Ireland are manufactured to extremely stringent safety standards as specified by EU and UK regulators.

  • If buying a second hand stairlift the lift is only insured if the stairlift engineer has been trained by the company that manufactured the stairlift.

Below (in alphabetical order) is a list of the top five stairlift manufacturers:

  1. Acorn Stairlifts.

  2. Bruno Stairlifts.

  3. Handicare Stairlifts.

  4. Stannah Stairlifts

  5. Thyssen Krupp

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