The Handicare 1100 SlideTrack

Perfect, from top to bottom.

The Handicare 1100 SlideTrack.




Handicare 1100 Slide Track

Automatically slides the track with the stairlift leaving doorways clear.

We’re excited to announce that the exclusive Slide Track option is now available for the next-generation straight stairlift the Handicare 1100.

The Slide Track is ideal for hallways where access is required through doorways either at the top and/or bottom of the stairs. It automatically slides the track clear of any obstacles while the stairlift moves up or down the track.

No need to bend down or wait for a hinge to fold. This state-of-the-art solution is fully automatic, offering a very smooth ride.

Watch the Slide Track in action on the Handicare 1100

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The unique solution to avoid obstruction of doorways or hallways!

New and improved technology quieter and more reliable than ever.

Slide Track – Exceptional advantages:

  • No waiting time for a rail to (un)fold

  • Fully automatic

  • Smooth ride: no bumps over hinges in the rail

  • No extra handling needed like folding a hinge

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