Stairlift Service, Maintenance & Repairs – Manufacturer’s Best Advice. 13 Tips.

A Handy Guide To Stairlift Service, Maintenance  & Repairs.

This article will cover the basics of keeping your stairlift serviced and provide details on how to keep it maintained and in perfect working order. Please note that all stairlifts sold by Able Plus meet the highest standards:

How to maintain your stairlift:

To avoid any problems with your new stairlift it’s important to be aware of just a few key points, and to get into some good habits.

  1. Keeping the track and stairwell free of obstructions is the most important thing to remember. A stairlift can be damaged if an object catches it when it’s moving. The stairlift will stop and is safe but a walking stick, shopping bag or similar can damage the safety stops on the stairlift, if this needs to be repaired a cost may be incurred.

  2. Keeping the track free of dust and lint will prolong the life of your stairlift. This can gunk up over time and cause your lift to become noisy or bumpy. A simple wipe of the rail with a damp cloth once a week will help to prevent these issues. Turn the stairlift off using the key switch and clean WITH A DAMP, NOT WET, lint free cloth and a small quantity of washing up liquid.

  3. NB: Do not use abrasive cleaners, bleach or solvent based cleaners as they can damage the stairlift.

  4. DO NOT switch off your stairlift off using the on-off switch unless you plan on not using the stairlift for a prolonged period such as a holiday. This will prevent the batteries from running down.

  5. Always leave your stairlift plugged in, even if you go away on holidays. The batteries charge on a trickle charge, if unplugged for a prolonged period the batteries will run down.

  6. NEVER let water spill or come into contact with your stairlift. If you have to carry liquids (such as a cup of tea) DO SO CAREFULLY.

  7. Service and repairs can only be carried out by a qualified engineer if you want to maintain the validity of your warranty.

  8. Do not expose your stairlift to damp conditions or extreme sunlight.

  9. Your lift should only be used for carrying one person at a time.

  10. Do not use your stairlift to carry pets.

  11. Keep pets and children away from your lift.

  12. The track wheels will probably leave a mark on the rail over time, this is normal.

  13. Stairlift batteries should last three to five years with normal use.

Do not leave your stairlift unplugged or switched off for prolonged  periods as this will shorten the battery life. Some stairlifts need to be left parked on a charge point at the top or  bottom of the stairs. If not left on a charge point the battery lift will be shortened.

NB: The carrying out of alterations to the stairlift is not permitted and doing so will invalidate the warranty.

Stairlift Service, Dublin.

Getting Your Stairlift Serviced.

When you buy a new stairlift it should not need any maintenance for the first year.

Stairlift manufactures recommend a straight stairlift is serviced once a year. Some manufacturers recommend servicing a curved stairlift every six months, others recommend a yearly service for curved stairlifts.

A stairlift service includes the following:

  1. A full visual inspection.

  2. Electronic diagnostics

  3. Lubrication of relevant moving parts.

Adjustment of rail to allow for staircase subsidence or other minor variation since lift was installed if required (stairs may subside to a slight degree over a number of years, stairlift rails are designed to be adjusted to allow for this).

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