Stairlift rental

Able Plus Stairlifts provide short and long term stairlift rental and hire purchase.

The benefits of stairlift rental include:

+ Lower installation cost.

+ No service or maintenance costs.

+ Stairlift can usually be installed next day (for a straight stairlift).

+ Suitable for short term usage.


Stairlift Rental Guide

Rental stairlifts are available for next day fitting.

We will advise you on the phone (or by email or Whatsapp) if a new, reconditioned or rental stairlift is the best option for your circumstances.

Why not view our stairlifts to see which stairlift rental may suit you.

Able Plus Stairlifts are proud of our reputation for offering the best advice to our customers.

If you want more info on stairlift rental or buying a stairlift call one of our friendly team today on 01-8245763 or email

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