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Stairlift repair dublin ireland

Able Plus can help you keep your stairlift in perfect working order without letting the cost get too high.

If your Acorn Stairlift, Handicare Stairlift or Thyssen Stairlift needs repair we can help get it moving again.

Stairlift Repair Services:

Stairlift battery: check, replace or repair.

Stairlift power supply: check, replace or repair.

Stairlift PCB (Printed Circuit Board): diagnostics, replace or repair.

Stairlift remote control: replace or repair.

Stairlift repairs can be expensive; regular servicing and proper use of your stairlift should ensure you face none of these costs.

We have years of experience in all types of stairlift repairs and services.  We maintain stairlifts for a several authorities all over Ireland and are a company that focuses on providing affordable and caring support to all of our clients.

How often do you need to service a stairlift?

It is recommended that you arrange for a stairlift service every 12 months.

If you have a reconditioned stairlift installed or an older model of curved or straight stairlift, some manufacturers recommend a service every six months, especially if the stairlift is used every day.

A stairlift service from Able Plus is always carried out by a trained professional, offering a comprehensive check of all electrical parts and mechanical components.

Getting your stairlift serviced at regular intervals prolongs the working life of your stairlift and helps to prevent costly repairs, or the need to replace parts.

A well-maintained stairlift can provide you with ease and comfort for ten to twelve years, or even more, we have clients who have had the same stairlift for nearly twenty years!

What should I do if my stairlift is not working?

All of the stairlifts that Able Plus sell come with a diagnostic display. This display shows an alphanumeric display that has a code indicating the current status of your stairlift.

If your lift has a problem the first thing to do is check that it is plugged in and powered on, then check the display to see what the code is.

Your stairlift comes with a user manual that has a list of the diagnostic display codes. Note down the code and check the manual or give us a call on 01-8245763. You can also use the chat function on our website.

Often a problem with a stairlift can be fixed very simply and we can talk you through the process over the phone. If this is not possible you can book a service call. All charges are discussed and agreed in advance. We pride ourselves on no hidden costs.

How do I get my stairlift repaired?

Call us on 01-8245763 or email to discuss repair options and costs. In the case of an emergency, you can call or Whatsapp us on 0878079993 or use the chat function on the website.

We always work with our clients to keep costs to a minimum. We will also endeavour to work to suit your schedule where possible. We understand that a stairlift is essential to many of our clients and we are available 24/7/365 to answer your questions.

We prioritise the maintenance of our client’s stairlifts above new sales and will always carry out any urgent repairs as soon as our schedule allows.

I need a replacement part for a stairlift, what do I do?

We can supply new and secondhand parts for Access BDD, Acorn, Handicare and Bison stairlifts, contact us to find out what parts we have in stock.

I need a replacement stairlift, what do I do?

You maybe be entitled to a Housing Adaptation Grant. There are a number of financial supports available from your local authority to enable ageing at home.

We suggest you get in touch with your local council to see what options you are eligible for. Typically the grant may cover a new stairlift, a bathroom that is designed for those with mobility issues, and grab rails and ramps if required.

Stairlift service dublin ireland

We promise excellent value and all of our work comes with a guarantee.

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