Sell Your Stairlift

Able Plus Stairlifts offer several services to help you when you no longer need your stairlift. 

Our prices are competitive and transparent. You can WhatsApp us 24/7 on 087-8079993 for a fast quote. 

If you have an old stairlift you no longer need you have a few different options to choose from.

We can buy your stairlift back from you if it is in good condition.

We buyback Handicare StairliftsAcorn StairliftsThyssenKrupp & Minivator stairlifts.

We always offer a fair price for lifts. Older stairlifts often have no commercial resale value. 

New stairlifts, like a new car, can loose up to 50% of their value if resold or bought back. 

We always offer free and impartial advice. If your stairlift is over three years old the value will most likely be minimal, if you choose sell it to a stairlift company. 

If the lift is over five years of age most stairlift companies will charge to safely remove and dispose of the stairlift.

An older lift may still be useful to someone. In this case paying to relocate your lift to a new home might be your best option. 

You can sell your stairlift privately on on done and we can move it. 

We often move straight lifts to a new location and refit them on a different staircase. See our moving a stairlift section in the FAQ for more info. Please call us for free advice on 01-8245763 before you sell your lift.

If you sell your stairlift privately you can probably get a bit more for it than from selling it to a company. Having a well documented service history of your stairlift will help if you decide to sell it yourself.

Call us on 01-8245763 if you have a stairlift that you no longer need.


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