24/7/365 Stairlift Support

24/7/365 Stairlift Emergency Repairs

If you have a problem with a stairlift you can contact us 24/7/365 using our website chat feature. You can also call or Whatsapp our emergency number: 087-807-9993.

Your stairlift should have an error display code. You can use this to diagnose any issues with your stairlift.

Typically the diagnostics display will show the status of your stairlift. This will include things like charging status, normal operational status and any error codes.

Stairlift Error Codes

Once you know the code on the diagnostics display you should first refer to the user manual  that came with your lift.

The problem might be something simple such as the key is turned off. If the error is not something you can fix contact us with the diagnostics code and we can either advise you how to solve the problem over the phone or give you a diagnosis and quote over the phone.

24/7/365 stairlift suport

We are always happy to help if you need advice or information about your stairlift. 

If you wish to visit us please call to make an appointment first.

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