Handicare Stairlifts

We have by been working with Handicare Stairlifts as one of our suppliers for over ten years and in that time they have never let us down.

We know that they provide the some of the most reliable and high quality stairlifts around. With a full range of stairlifts available including; outdoor, heavy-duty, curved and hinged stairlifts. This means that no matter what sort of stairlift you need a Handicare stairlift might be the best option for you. If your OT has specific recommendations about the type of stairlift that you need it is best to get an OT report so we can tailor your Handicare to suit your needs.

Handicare goes back to 1886 when Mr Hamer started selling lifts. This makes Handicare one of the longest established stairlift. Handicare have a global network of dealers that are very well supported. This is important as a stairlift will last a good number of years and will need an annual service to be kept in optimum condition.

Our clients find Handicare stairlifts excellent, as do our technicians. Check out their history video if you would like to know more about how Handicare stairlifts have evolved over the years.

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