Buying A Stairlift In Ireland – Easy Tips Before You Buy

Everything you need to know about buying a stairlift in Ireland in 2021.

Buying a stairlift in Ireland

If you live in Ireland and are thinking of buying a stairlift there are a few things that you to need to consider before you do.

This handy guide will get you started with the basics on what is available on the market, where to get advice and support, information on grants and also some top tips for making sure that you get the best stairlift for your needs.

If you have general questions about stairlifts our FAQ page covers the basics.

Some of the most common questions we hear regarding buying a stairlift in Ireland:

I don’t know anything about stairlifts, what do I need to know?

Stairlifts are a long established technology that are safe and easy to use. Most manufacturers offer a curved and straight version of their lifts. A curved stairlift will suit a stairs with one or more turns or an intermediate landing.

A straight stairlift will suit most straight stairs that are a single flight with no intermediate landings or fan steps.

Outdoor and heavy-duty stairlifts are also available.

Do I need to get medical advice before buying a stairlift in Ireland?

Some of our customers buy stairlifts without seeking any medical advice, on the basis that they know the stairlift will take the work out of using the stairs; or that they feel it will make life easier. If you need a stairlift due to a specific mobility or medical issue we recommend that you speak to your medical professional such as GP or an occupational therapist.

They will take a holistic view of your circumstances and help you to plan out your mobility needs long term. They may suggest additional modifications  to enable you to enjoy your home and the freedom and independence that these modifications can make.

You may also speak to your public health nurse to get more information.

Other common home modifications include:

Exterior ramps

Grab rails

A new or modified bathroom with non-slip tiles and easy access bathing facilities, light switches relocated etc.

An occupational therapist  will also make specific recommendations about any automated features you may need with your stairlift. I.e. automated swivel seat, powered footrest, extra remotes.

Where can I find an Occupational Therapist in my part of Ireland?

There are a number of excellent resources to help you find and OT to provide a report for a grant application.

Can I get a grant for a stairlift?

You may be entitled to a grant for a new stairlifts. There are a number of financial aids in place to people who may have mobility issues buy stairlifts.

The Mobility Aids Grant Scheme

Provides grants for minor works designed to address mobility problems in the home.

The Housing Adaptation Grant for People with a Disability.

Provides for a greater scope of works in the home.

The Citizens Information website has lots of useful links too.

It is important to note that if you choose to sell your old stairlift you can expect between €200-€500 for a straight stairlift and €1000-€1500 for a curved stairlift. There is significant cost in move a stairlift from one home to another and this will only be possible in a limited number of instances.

If you are thinking of selling your old stairlift we are happy to give you advice and an estimated value or cost over the phone or by email. Don’t hesitate to contact us by WhatsApp too – 0878079993, if you send us photos of your stairlift and your questions we will get back to you right away.

If you need further advice before buying a stairlift please feel free to call us on 01-8245763.

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