Are Stairlifts Worth It?

Are Stairlifts Worth It?

If you find yourself asking whether stairlifts are worth it, the answer might very well be “yes.” In this blog post, we will address several questions that can help you understand why investing in a stairlift could be a beneficial decision.

Over the years, we have spoken to thousands of individuals pondering this question. Based on our interactions, we firmly believe that if climbing stairs has become daunting or tiresome, a stairlift could be the perfect solution. Of course, there are other factors to consider as well.

are stairlifts worth it?

Is a Stairlift Too Expensive?

There are numerous financial support options available for those in need of a stairlift, often based on means-testing. Secondhand stairlifts have also become increasingly popular in recent times.

Do I Really Need a Stairlift?

If your mobility is progressively declining, it is advisable to consult with your healthcare provider. A doctor or occupational therapist can guide you on whether a stairlift is necessary and the type that would best suit your needs.

I Need a Short Outdoor Stairlift, What Should I Do?

Outdoor stairlifts are highly sought-after in Ireland, particularly for homes with slippery steps leading to the front door. Straight stairlifts can be a lifesaver in such situations, providing a reliable solution to easily enter and exit your home.

Will Stairlifts Damage Stairs or Walls?

You may be concerned about potential damage to your walls or stairs when installing a stairlift, or whether it will fit on your staircase.

The good news is that stairlifts are attached to the stairs themselves, not the walls. Sturdy leg supports are securely screwed into the steps and landings, leaving only small screw holes as visible marks. These marks are nearly invisible, particularly if you have a carpet.

Are Stairlifts Permanent Fixtures?

Residential stairlifts are not permanent fixtures. With proper maintenance, they can last up to twenty years! They can also be easily removed if you wish to replace floor coverings or carpets.

Do Stairlifts Devalue a Home?

The cost of removing an old stairlift is negligible compared to the value of a house. The removal cost typically ranges from €200 to €400, depending on the specific lift.

Moreover, if someone who requires a stairlift is moving into the home, it may even increase the property’s value.


There are pros and cons to getting a stairlift. Generally speaking, if you believe you need one, it is worth exploring your options. We hope this blog post and our website will assist you in making the best decision for your needs.

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